• 3 female 3 male ! * All growing very fast * Airedale Terrier from German ‘leistungssucht’


The combination is done on the advice of breeder Airedale Terrier von Erikson in Germany, but the litter is born and raised with me in Lier in Norway.

Airedale von Erikson in Germany has around 40 years of experience in mental breeding (German: Leistungssucht) on the Airedale Terrier, and very few others have that kind of experionce. To know what to mix to preserve the Airedale Terrier’s exceptional usability is in itself a science. Something I leave to the experts. Everyone in the family is highly titled and meritorious working dogs. Both the breeders in Germany and I compete and train the breeding dogs.

To train and title the breeding dogs is precisely what is essential, in order to say something about what kind of litter of puppies you want, about the parents and grandfathers and yes, the whole family. They must have proven that they are good in training. That they are mentally chargeable and stable and have the operational strength necessary to be a working dog.


As with other old breeds, later Airedale Terriers have mostly been bred with a show and family dog focus most places. In Germany, Airedale Terriers are divided into different lines according to what they are made for, and the lines are rarely mixed.

This litter is from ‘Leistungssucht’, which means that it has been bred purposefully with usability in focus over an incredible number of years. The old working dog variant of the Airedale terrier has been taken care of. This does NOT mean that they are usuitable for living in a family and having some quiet days, but they do need – like all dogs – to use their skills. And they will for sure give you tons of rock back! Click on the link to Quinny below here, and you’ll find a link to her MT and IGP1 samples that show just that.

Pedigrees and lots of info can be found at workingdog.eu


*BH AD IPO3 Eyk von Erikson – perhaps the best known Airedale who struck out in the IPO World Cup all races in 2008 with a 7th place and put Airedale on the map internationally.

*BH IGP IPO3 FH2 Cerberus von Erikson – Successful ancestor who was the father of everyone on the podium at the IGP DM for terrier in 2022.

*AD BH FH2 IGP 3 Sanjo von Erikson, father of Cerberus and Ruben and many successful breeding dogs – AND my oldest dog:

*BH IBGH3 IGP1 RuH A SpH A (SPHIII SØKIII sw.) ChaBlis von Erikson (3 x certified Norwegian SAR dog NRH, first Airedale with 6 years in NBF A (SAR competitons, highest class Norway and Sweden),OB3 and first Airedale with IGP – title in Norway (96p C)

*SE LCh SE VCh RL Ch SØKHIII SPHII Zenit von Erikson in Sweden with a total of 4 working Championats.

In addition, must be mentioned, and a dog that seems very much like my Quinny (mother):

*AD BH IPO3 VPG3 FH2 KfT-Jgd.Ch Ch D/VDH D/KfT, Lux, CH, INT Othello von der Laubenheid – complete dog with tons of working titles and a total of 5 exterior championats.


In this litter, puppies are expected with good and well-balanced drives, good nervous constitution, very good and documentable, useful properties.

Mother Quinny is a highly spirited and hugely motivated and concentrated working dog, who has shown abilities in both obedience, search work as tracks, search for people both inside and outside. Within IGP, she shows complete application facilities, solid bite and is very good technically.

Father Ruben is a large and sociable male dog, who shows distinctive ‘Teamwork’ qualities and great usability. Read more in the link above. He took his IGP3 early and with zero problem and has gained between 96p and 100p in Group A (track) several times. Goes gorgeous obedience without a single sound! He is already pre-qualified for DM for Terriers 2023.

The litter is intended for puppy buyers with ambitions, preferably within a utility sport. I have a ranking order where people who want to go far within IGP and who belong to a training group come first. After there, but equally interesting, are people with experience in other utility sports – NBF (working) evt NRH (SAR). I think that you can go a long way with a lot of courage and desire to learn, so if you don’t have experience, it is of course possible to contact us.

I’m thinking of arranging gatherings, hiring instructors, etc. for interested parties eventually.


However, there are some requirements beyond being interested in learning;

Besides active homes with a focus on exercise, this is mandatory: ED/HD and MH (mentality) test. A sum will be paid back to the buyer when executed. Common MH and MT tests are arranged when the puppies reach the appropriate age.

Half the litter is pre-ordered, so get in touch as soon as possible! kriloeke@online.no